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The environment has been, is and will always be an integral part of our daily lives. We draw on all the riches of nature; its beauty and wealth remain the fundamental treasure for the population of our Planet.
It is critical for each of us to understand that a sick Planet means unhealthy people. What awaits future generations depends solely on us today.
We are actively concerned about the state of the environment in Ukraine and the world.
In 2020. the "Book of Records of Ukraine" and the "CEO Club Ukraine", Ukraine's largest business community, which unites the leaders of Ukrainian business, launched an all-Ukrainian project "Greening of Ukraine". In 2021 the project reached out to over 100 countries under the name "Greening the Planet", globally planting 5.5 million trees in one day in April 2021!

About the project

The Charitable Organsation "Dobro.Diy" ("Do Good Deeds"), of which I am the chairman, has been planting trees twice a year for nine consecutive years. During this time, more than 8,000 people have planted trees in Lviv and Lviv region. Together we have planted more than 800,000 young forest seedlings and 200 more mature trees. Personally, I am inspired not by the significant statistics, as much as by the fact that, thanks to this good cause, volunteers, companies, organizations, businesses, government at all levels and foresters unite to achieve our great common goal.
Continuing our work, we have teamed up with the initiative "Greening the Planet" to achieve even greater results. My personal aim is to plant 50 million trees in my lifetime.
I invite everyone who cares to join our clean future.
Chairman of the public organization "Dobro.Diy", Eco-Ambassador "Greening the Planet", initiator of the Record of Ukraine for planting trees, entrepreneur
Igor Dulyn
The aim of the project is to draw attention to the problems of ecology and restoration of the country's ecosystem, to form a positive image of Ukraine in the world through the collective success story of Ukrainians.

Project objectives:

• Plant 1,000,000 trees in 1 day throughout Ukraine.
• Carry out a nationwide information eco-campaign on tree planting;
• Assist in planting parks and alleys throughout the year;
• Consolidate Ukrainian society by uniting business, government, the public and the media around environmental, environmental issues and form a collective success story of Ukrainians;
• To form eco-culture and respectful attitude of Ukrainians to nature.
Our goal
With support
Igor Dulyn
Kateryna Sukhotska
Natalia Stepanenko
Vera Prypasnyk
Igor Kidyk
Danilo Sorokovyy
Yarina Yurko
Olya Glynska
Andriana Grynda
Kateryna Hel
Borys Bodnar
Lubomyr Sopilnyk
Information partners
Let's restore the ecology of Lviv region together!
By joint efforts we plan to collect UAH 800,000 by the day of landing in Lviv (October 23, 2021). If every Lviv resident transfers at least 2 hryvnias for sale, we will be able to achieve a common result and plant new trees in Lviv (238 pieces) and in Lviv region (200,000 seedlings).
All funds raised will be used to purchase seedlings, trees, logistics (transportation of trees and participants at the location), planting materials (gloves, first aid kits, protective equipment), food (water, cookies).
In case of balances or non-use of funds, the public organization "Dobro.Diy" guarantees the use of this balance for the next planting of trees.
An open statement of income and expenditure of the organization here.
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